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Unemployed And Broke

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When we look at the real facts concerning the economy today in the United States there are very distinct earmarks that should be a wake up call for every legislature all across the country. But, like everything else they have done our illustrious most astute leaders of high finance in state houses and in Washington continue to ignore the harsh reality millions face each day. They keep touting that the great recession is over and all is well when in fact they really are too blind to see what actually is occurring right under their noses. Take unemployment for instance. The official reported rate is at 7.2%. And according to the news media this rate is about two-thirds the rate it was 4 years ago. Yet, there remains in almost every city so many people that are still struggling to find any type of job makes that 7.2% a far cry from the actual numbers of the unemployed. For young people especially are finding it almost impossible to land even the very low level entry service type jobs. For Afro-Americans the true unemployment rate is over 20% and higher in many urban areas. The plain fact of the matter is that even with a job today the inflation rate is far and above current pay scales. What ever you earn is automatically eating away disposable incomes. With incomes that have been stagnant for years there really isn't any money left to spend let alone any money left to save or pay down debts like credit cards either.

But what does our government plan on doing about all this? Many Republicans with their heads in the sand say business as usual will right the ills of the economy. So far our leaders of state have manipulated the way unemployment is calculated and coursed the media into believing the newly calculated unemployment rate. By changing the definition of what unemployment is makes the public think that our most benevolent elected officials have done a wondrous job by reducing the number of jobless Americans when in fact all they have done is increase the income disparity gap wiping out any chance the middle class will return.

They have done this by redefining unemployment as the number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits. Never mind if yours has run out or are ineligible. It doesn't matter either that you haven't had a job since Bill Clinton. In the state's eyes, you're not unemployed. But, when you use the way the government calculated unemployment rates before, today's unemployment rate is a shocking 24%. This is far more than during the Great Depression. Right at this moment there are more than 105 million working-aged Americans that remain unemployed. That's the entire population of Texas, California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania the 6 most populous states here in the US combined. These are people who cannot contribute to the economy, who don't have enough money to buy goods, and who, in a crisis, will probably be the first ones to flood the streets seeking governmental assistance. Now, count the rest of the population who is either too young or too old to work and you'll be shocked to discover that a mere 86 million Americans are supporting a whopping 317 million people. That is the biggest reason why the safety nets have only ballooned in recent years and our governmental support programs have been under assault by the cuts in their budgets by you guessed it, our most benevolent Republicans. All this means is that the average American worker has to figuratively carry 4 people on his back. The prognosis is that this number will only grow.

The true unemployment picture is scary enough but, with the inflation rates rising contrary to what is being reported by our main stream media that keep saying that the dollar is only losing 1.5% in value each year this paints a much grimmer picture of the United States. If you've been keeping track of your spending habits you come away with the fact that something smells of rotten eggs. If the value of the dollar was actually losing 1.5% annually that inflation rate would make the US economy as stable as Switzerland or even Singapore. Those medical costs would be stable, food prices wouldn't keep going through the roof and our energy costs would be much less. The truth of the matter is that the real inflation rate is far and above the reported number.

But, this is not what is being reported is it? It's really not hard to have a low inflation rate when it's you who decides how to calculate it. Our own government could show a negative inflation rate if it wanted. That is precisely what our government is doing today. Our own government has already manipulated the way they calculate inflation rates many times for over twenty years now. Each time to purposely make the public think that the inflation rate is smaller than what it really is. That's why, even though a big chunk of your earnings goes on fuel and food it is these items that are missing when they calculate the inflation rate. For example the price of fuel like gas for your car rose from $1.86 to over $3.50 in just the last five years. You think your wages would have also risen to compensate for the higher fuel costs, Think again. A doubling of price over five years which brings the actual inflation rate to over 15% just for gasoline.

Now, when it comes to food prices we have all noticed that containers are getting smaller and yet the prices are increasing simultaneously. Another example: Peanut butter jars no longer have flat bottoms. The jars are indented like wine bottles leaving less room for your peanut butter but costing more in the process. All this means is that there is an inflation rate of over 10% a year instead of the 1or2% the government is claiming and retailers are now selling items in smaller volumes with higher price tags.

To put this all in perspective this hidden inflation means the value of your money is literally giving you less bang for your buck. Every dollar we earn gets you less and less in return. We are now all working more for less pay. The question we all should be asking is, why is our own government manipulating inflation and unemployment rates? Could it be that our political system has become so corrupt that our politicians have to hide the actual numbers just so that they can remain in office.

When we look at the facts history is repeating yet again. What is happening now in the United States is exactly a re-enactment of what happened to the Soviet Union in the 1980's. They operated under massive public deception. Factory managers would send false production reports, showing more than they have done. Outstanding results were reported by all industries, even despite the fact that the Soviet Union produced the worst consumer goods in the world. And, when they collapsed, it caught everyone by surprise, because, if you just look at the numbers, you would have thought the economy was booming. It's the exact same thing that is happening now in the US. Everywhere you look in the main stream media shows that productivity is up, unemployment is down, manufacturing is strong, and American wages are increasing. Yet, all of this is a mighty big stretch to say the least.

As sobering as this all is the reality is that there is a way to reduce our inflation rates and drastically reduce the unemployment rolls with middle class wage jobs. All without manipulating the numbers. The hard part is getting the government to realize that deceiving the public will only create greater distrust and resentment in which the status-quo will only continue to get worse. Our elected officials must start to enact policies that will have a direct effect on reducing long term unemployment while at the same time rejuvenate a business climate that would generate middle class wage jobs for all those millions of Americans who desperately want to contribute to the economy but can't.

As long as the rich keep getting richer and a trickle down mind set by the powers that be prevail will only create a greater divide that the United States will find it impossible to bridge. For the youth and future generations of Americans who are innocent victims of governmental policies that have only favored the 1% if nothing is done to increase job opportunities their future and that of the United States is in grave jeopardy. We all know the question we have to ask but are we ready and able to handle the answer? The answer to our greatest challenge for the 21st century lies in a total reform of current policies and treaties. Overturning some Supreme Court rulings will greatly enhance a combined effort to solve one of our biggest challenges today. That is restoring the middle class to the levels America had during the 1950's and 60's. To do that requires implementation of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.


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