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Unemployed Americans to lose benefits starting June 6, 2010

13,000 Hoosiers set to lose unemployment benefits starting June 6, 2010
13,000 Hoosiers set to lose unemployment benefits starting June 6, 2010

Again, persons receiving unemployment benefits will start losing benefits because the U.S. Senate recessed for Memorial Day Weekend without reauthorizing the federal extensions of unemployment benefits. The recent press release Indiana's state government explains what will happen to your unemployment benefits.

On May 28, 2010, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development explained the consequences of the Senate’s actions. The DWD noted that according to federal law, persons currently receiving federal extended unemployment compensation will be able to finish their current tier of benefits.

Starting on June 6, 2010, the same people will not be able to move to the next tier of federal benefits. DWD estimates approximately 13,000 Hoosiers each week will not have a voucher to file for benefits beginning June 6.

The DWD explained that the Senate's inaction also impacts the federal Extended Benefits (EB) program. Extended Benefits permits a state to borrow federal monies sufficient to add an additional 26 weeks of unemployment compensation. The state is required to re-pay these borrowed monies. Those persons receiving EB will not have a voucher to file beginning Sunday, June 13.  Approximately 18,000 Hoosiers are currently receiving extended benefits.

The DWD further reported that “should” Congress reauthorize these programs, it will require approximately two days to reprogram the DWD computer system and resume providing benefits to eligible Hoosiers. Updates will be posted on DWD's website.

Unemployment recipients will continue to receive the additional $25 weekly stimulus payment while they complete their current tier of benefits. The DWD provided a table outlining the benefits available to persons qualified to receive unemployment.

Unemployment Program         Max Weeks Cumulative Weeks

State Unemployment (UI)           26                XX
Federal Extension 1 (EUC1)       20               46
Federal Extension 2 (EUC2)       14               60
Federal Extension 3 (EUC3)       13               73
Federal Extension 4 (EUC4)         6               79
State Extended Benefits (EB)     20               99

Please note that states with unemployment less than 6% are not eligible for the entire 99 weeks of unemployment.

House Speaker Pelosi's statements on May 28, 2010 confirm that Congress is not working on adding a Tier V. 

Stay tuned:  National Unemployment Statistics for May 2010 to be released on June 4, 2010.

The Tier V petition is located at

Unemployed Americans are also communicating with each other at (look for Now: jobless/next:Homeless Group), and or

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  • bette ann 5 years ago

    We must look at the seriousness off people cast out of ther jobs, after the age of 50 yrs old. I attend unemployement claser younses and the only people in the classes are 50 and older. Companighes are casting off older more experience employees, to higher younger less experience and lower pay. That is why the companies are in such trouble. The Sr management could care less as long as they get there money.

  • Ellen Corcella 5 years ago

    Bette ann -- Many of my readers speak about how difficult it is to get a job when over 50. You may want to read my article about age discrimination just check out my bio page and you should find it there.

    Thanks for reading. Ellen.

  • broken wing 5 years ago

    This is going to put people, in a bad spot because if thy pay there bills on Tuesday, the money is,t there then.....................................................?

  • Wendi S 5 years ago

    Dan Burton and Steve Buyer are both Senators from Indiana that voted against extending the unemployment insurance. We need to be aware of how our Senators are voting because if it is no in the interest of the people of Indiana, then they need to be voted out and others need to be put in their place. We do have power. It is the power of voting......

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