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Undiagnosed film launches Kickstarter campaign

Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees is a film in the making that documents the harrowing struggle of people living without a diagnosis. It hopes to validate the patients, cultivate awareness, and change the face of modern medicine.

Ian Walton/Getty Images
Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Living without a diagnosis is not just about an unknown disease. It's about needing trust, support, treatment plans, and a sense of direction. It's about the patients who desperately need help and the doctors who are desperate to provide it. It's about the all-consuming misery of losing everything to an illness with no name.

And anyone could be next. The issue strikes without warning and without discrimination, leaving years of devastation and suffering in its wake. How would you feel if it was your child, spouse, or sibling? What if was you?

To date, the project has been a massive undertaking. Sources explain that "the production team has been filming for over a year now, paying for everything out-of-pocket and without earning salaries." Even now, the film is only 80% complete.

In an effort to help fund their unprecedented endeavors, producers launched a Kickstarter campaign just days ago. They need $150,000 by June 19 of this year. Once they've raised enough funds, they hope to be in movie theaters and living rooms by 2015.

It's time to make a donation. It is time for awareness and time to give patients a voice. Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees is the way to make it happen. And it cannot happen without you.

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