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Underworld Coinsmith from 'Journey Into Nyx'

Underworld Coinsmith is a new gold "Magic: The Gathering" creature card featured in the "Pantheon's Power" Intro Pack from Wizards of the Coast's expert expansion set "Journey Into Nyx."

Underworld Coinsmith and cleric friends
Wizards of the Coast
Underworld Coinsmith from "Journey Into Nyx"
Wizards of the Coast

Underworld Coinsmith - WB
Enchantment Creature - Human Cleric (Uncommon)
Constellation - Whenever Underworld Coinsmith or another enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 1 life.
WB, Pay 1 life: Each opponent loses 1 life.
Coins of the Underworld are shaped from clay funerary masks.

Like Grim Guardian and Doomwake Giant, Underworld Coinsmith provides you a benefit every time it or another enchantment enters the battlefield. In Underworld Coinsmith's case, it's a point of life. Underworld Coinsmith give you the guaranteed point of life every turn and be the massive wall that that Nyx-Fleece Ram is, however it can strike out against an opponent thanks to its healthy power of two and you'll be able to activate its ability late game to potentially seal their fate.

Every Armament of Nyx, Banishing Light, Nyx Infusion, and Cast into Darkness you cast will net you another life. It may be small, however over the course of a long duel the life gain from Underworld Coinsmith could play a pivotal role in the outcome.

As a Human Underworld Coinsmith will also trigger Xathrid Necromancer when it eventually dies, boosts Champion of the Parish, will transform Ravenous Demon, can be sacrificed to Skirsdag Flayer, or participate in a lynch mob with the Gallows at Willow Hill.

There's also a multitude of cards that interact with clerics which you can check out in the attached slideshow.

How will you use Underworld Coinsmith?

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