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Underwear bomber’s bomb too filthy to explode after wearing it for 2 weeks

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It was five years ago when the underwear bomber boarded a plane headed for Detroit and managed to light his bomb-laced underwear on fire. While the bomb caught fire, it didn't explode, sparing the lives of all on board. The reason that the explosives did not ignite was due to the man's hygiene, or lack of it in this case, according to the Telegraph on July 25.

The underwear bomber boarded a Northwest Airlines flight in Amsterdam which would take him to Detroit, Michigan on Christmas Day 2009. The man from Nigeria, who was British educated, managed to light his bomb-laced underwear on fire, but because he had worn the same pair of underwear for two weeks they were too soiled to explode.

This little dirty detail was just revealed by a senior U.S. official. Umar Abdulmutallab had worn the same underwear for two weeks previous to boarding the flight. Apparently he was afraid to take off his plastic explosive fitted underwear and wore them morning, noon and night.

Click On Detroit reports that John Pistole, the head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), revealed this tidbit Thursday at the Aspen Security Forum. When Pistole was asked if the explosive had become damp, he replied, "Let's just say it was degraded." When the bomber tried to detonate the bomb, it started a fire on his lap, but it didn't explode because it was too soiled.

One can only imagine that after two weeks of bodily functions, sweat and just being crushed up against his body, that the plastic explosives were pretty filthy. So filthy that although he was able to light the bomb, it wouldn't explode due to the filth. This is one time that the disgusting hygiene practices of a fellow airline passenger was something for people to be thankful about.

The underwear bomber was the only one to receive an injury on board Flight 253 that day. He was burned when the bomb caught fire but didn't blow up. He only received minor burns. The 300 souls on board that plane were saved due to this man's lack of good hygiene.