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Underwater Mermaid Fashion Show Dazzles the Dive Bar in Sacramento

Designer: The Mermaid AtlantisModels: Mermaid Ricky and Mermaid ArielPhotographer Terri BrindisiLocation Dive Bar Sacramento, CA
Designer: The Mermaid AtlantisModels: Mermaid Ricky and Mermaid ArielPhotographer Terri BrindisiLocation Dive Bar Sacramento, CA
Terri Brindisi Photography:

From Fendi's drone-powered "flying catwalk" to Burberry Beijing's exploding holograms, you may think you've seen just about everything the fashion industry has to offer when it comes to reconsidering the nearly 200 year old catwalk. But the San Francisco-based designer and performer The Mermaid Atlantis would have you reconsider the notion that fashion innovation requires new technology and instead look to nature for new ideas or more specifically, to the sea.

The American-Peruvian beauty whose feats include swimming alongside whale sharks and performing as a mermaid, fairy, and other magical creatures for hospitalized children has launched a new line of sea-themed fashions which truly come to life in their natural element: the water. And while underwater fashion shows are certainly nothing new to the fashion industry, the mermaid-themed underwater fashion show produced by The Mermaid Atlantis at the Dive Bar in Sacramento last weekend may very well be the first to take underwater fashion in its extreme.

The show entitled "By Land and By Sea" featured live models swimming through a 40 ft. long tank strutting sea-drenched, designer fashions including tails, seashell bras, and even shark fins! Over 150 onlookers stood in awe of fashions as exotic as the lion fish gown, a black and white striped maxi with floating wisps of fabric by The Mermaid Atlantis and the luminous fiber-optic underwater mermaid tail & glowing sea shell bra by designer / model Erin St.Blane. Retro scaled hot pants and bikinis embellished with silicone star fish by The Mermaid Atlantis took a more modern sea punk approach. The models, also trained divers, elegantly accomplished no easy feat by posing each garment both on foot and underwater in the Dive Bar's infamous above-bar tank equipped with seaweed, sunken treasures, and of course live fish.

The Mermaid Atlantis states that she does intend for this show to be the last or for its significance to be lost on the audience. When asked about the show's future and influence she answers confidently, "I am hoping to tour this as a fashion show, costume event, and aquatic performance all rolled into one. I hope to inspire people with surrealism and fantasy. I hope to invoke a love of the sea that may translate into bringing environmental awareness to the public. Being a professional mermaid I get to shoot on location in the depths of the ocean among amazing wildlife. I hope to bring this feeling of whimsy and passion of the sea to people all over the world, through images, art, fashion, and underwater performance. I hope people feel closer to the sea, and its life therein, after experiencing one of my shows."

For more on the Mermaid Atlantis, you can check out her website, Youtube, Flickr, or get your own gear via her Etsy store. Photos courtesy of Terri Brindisi Photography.