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Undertaker and humorist Bruce Goddard conveys unique approach to life and death


Bruce Goddard: Live and Kickin (Courtesy of Senate Records).

"Listen to this country undertaker - I'm telling you the truth - it really is OK to laugh...we need to lighten up!" declares Reynolds, Georgia native Bruce Goddard in his recent Senate Records audio release Alive and Kickin.

Goddard has established a distinctive niche within his occupation as a 4th generation undertaker speaking on the realities of life (and death) through humor and inspiration.

"Death is tough stuff," mentions Bruce. "Because of what I've done and what I still do today...I've made some observations about life, and I call my observations a view from a hearse."

Goddard's gift is expressed in his ability to relate to people with humor without taking away from the seriousness of the matter. His refreshing approach is both genuine and relevant.

Mr. Goddard engages his audience through story telling; touching on such hot topics as marriage and death ("the world ain't gonna stop when you die"), along with other humorous anecdotes as "funny things preachers do" and "undergarments." He often relates many of his stories to growing up in Reynolds.

As a sought after motivational speaker, humorist and and author, Goddard has spoken to over 1,000 audiences throughout the United States. His book, A View From A Hearse - Lighten Up continues to be a hit in addition to the audio compilation Live and Kickin. You can follow Bruce through his blog A View From a Hearse (

You can purchase A View from A Hearse - Lighten Up from Bruce Goddard's website @

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