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Understanding what a Irish Red Ale beer really is?

When you first drink a Irish Red Ale beer, you are going to find that the aroma of the beer is toffee in nature and will have a buttery flavor profile with a very low hop taste to the beer. The actually flavor of the beer will have a dry aftertaste to the beer and will have a caramel characteristics as well.

The overall impression of the Irish Red Ale is going to be one of a very easy to drink beer and is a beer that should not be served too cold; because, when you do serve the beer cold, the bitterness of the beer will rise to the top of the flavor profile of the beer. Which will ruin even the best Irish Red Ale beer, so it is something that you need to watch out for when you go to the bar to try one.

Some good examples of Irish Red Ale that you should try are:

Harpoon Hibernian Ale
Beamish Red Ale
Great Lakes Conway's Irish Ale
Caffrey's Irish Ale

The beer for those that care comes at 4%-6% ABV and IBUs around 17-28. Enjoy your beer and drink safe.

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