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Understanding ‘Tolerance’ is key to weight loss

Slimfy provides us expert advice on understanding how ‘Tolerance’ is key to weight loss through a question and answer interview we conducted. Read below how 'Tolerance' and their line of high-quality supplements can contribute to your weight loss success.

Accelerated fat burn with Slimfy

As well as maintaining a good exercise regime and diet, many dieters through the decades since the introduction of mass market weight loss supplements and medication have become frustrated by a stunt in their weight loss, and are often at a loss to find an explanation why they can no longer shed the pounds. What they may not be aware of is that they have developed a very real phenomenon called ‘tolerance’. We asked a weight loss expert from Slimfy to help explain what its all about.

Q: What is tolerance?

A: When you hear the word “tolerance” what comes to mind? How many glasses of wine you can drink before getting a little too giggly? How many times you can listen to that one song on the radio before you change the station every time you hear it? As humans, we all build up tolerance to all sorts of things- chemicals, situations, even people around us. And so it’s only natural that we develop a tolerance when we put the same thing in our body day after day. Think about it. Remember when you were a kid? You probably drank one caffeinated soda and it sent you bouncing off the walls. As an adult, you’re downing 3 cups of coffee just to stay alert throughout the day. Why? Because over time, your body starts to tolerate caffeine more easily. It just won’t affect you as much. It’s a natural process.

Q: What causes tolerance?

A: It is usually caused by an increase in induction of the enzymes required for degradation of the supplement. In other words, tolerance is a reduced response to repeated administration of the same dose or increase in the dose is required to produce the same magnitude of response. Once we begin to take a supplement on a regular basis, the dose response goes down i.e. the same dose of medication produces less effect than it used to. Q: How long does it usually take for tolerance to build up and affect weight loss? A: It varies but usually after about 30 days, most will experience a dramatic drop in effectiveness of most products. The body gradually gets used to substance that’s being exposed to and develops the tolerance.

About Slimfy

Slimfy has created three progressive stages with a unique balance of highly potent, pure ingredients. Each stage is designed to gradually increase results of the weight loss process. Advancing from stage to stage not only maintains the product’s performance, but progressively increases it. Visit Slimfy's website to find out more about their unique supplements and weight loss program.

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