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Understanding the cultures of occupation

Understanding the cultures of occupation.
Understanding the cultures of occupation.
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If you are a company with a main office you have probably already learned your employees will expect the day after Thanksgiving as a day-off for Black Friday holiday shopping. Many manufacturing plants will also close for the four day weekend so their employees can take advantage of the kick-off to Christmas shopping. These workers have grown to expect this and other closings as an entitlement. Meanwhile retail and food employees known there is little chance they can have that day off.

This is just a taste of the occupation cultures. They are driven by the general discipline of the professional. Healthcare workers, for example, have their own set of norms while retail workers have developed their own sense of right and wrong work habits.

Researchers have learned that members of some professions have similar interests for entertainment, recreation, living style, fashion, and so forth.

Predominant subcultures:

  • Office workers.
  • Retail.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Human Resources professionals.
  • Travel industry.
  • Healthcare workers.
  • Hospitality industry.
  • Legal.

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