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Understanding the cultures of mental and physical capacity

Understanding the cultures of mental and physical capacity.
Understanding the cultures of mental and physical capacity.
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The very nature of our human body is the source of several cultures, including ethos based on physical and mental capacities.

There are many names given to this cultural group which has been the target of many stereotypes. Because it can be difficult for this group to speak in a common voice these references can be negative. “Special people” is the name most preferred and the most complimentary. The moniker is the result of those taking the time to get to know culture members, they quickly learn that each person has some sort of God-given talent far superior to the norm. it could be memory, the ability to find things or the capacity to solve complex mathematical problems.

Two types of subcultures exist but are often merged together through participation in programs that do not distinguish between the two. The first group consists of those born into the culture at birth while the second are those that join the culture later in life due to disease or some sort of accident such as automotive, war or sport.

These cultures often extend beyond the person as loved ones are often drawn into the culture even though they do not display the general traits of the culture.

  • Physical capacity from birth.
  • Physical capacity through life events.
  • Mental capacity from birth.
  • Mental capacity through life events.

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