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Understanding sweet stout beer

When you think about stout beer, most people think of a dry stout beer; however, they always seem to forget about the sweet stout beer category. This stout beer was founded in England and was first known as either a 'milk' beer or a 'cream' beer. The milk name came from the use of the ingredient to help make the flavor of the beer taste sweeter. The flavor of a sweet stout beer will of course come in at very highly sweet taste and the dark roasted grains dominate the flavor profile of the beers taste.

The aroma of the sweet stout beer is incorporates with coffee or chocolate notes. If you do not like roasted grains in your beer this is one beer category that you want to stay away from because you are going to taste the roasted flavors. The average ABV on this beer is around 4%-6% and the IBUs come in around 20-40 for those that care.

So what are some types of sweet stout beer that you should try to really understand what a sweet stout beer really is:

Samuel Adams Cream Stout
Widmer Snowplow Milk Stout
Left Hand Milk Stout
Mackeson's XXX Stout

The overall impression of the beer is going to have a full bodied taste and will taste close to the flavor profile of a sweetened espresso. Enjoy your beer and drink safe.

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