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Understanding sustainability - what does the term really mean?


  • Christian A. Wittke 6 years ago

    Careful - not everything that is mainstream is actually sustainable; one example: to exchange conventional bulbs with so-called “energy-efficient light bulbs” will proof brutal rubbish as the LED technology is knocking at our doors; production input and recycling challenge of these mercury monsters will never be making up for another two or three years going on with easy to produce and recycle conventional bulbs; especuially as here in Europe it is just the 100W bulb that has been taken off the markets. It will proof a marvellous marketing trick like car- and boiler scrappage schemes. Nothing else.



  • Cassie 6 years ago

    Thank you for this insight. I agree with you that the technologies surounding sustainability and "going green" will be growing and changing as this industry grows and changes. I will be looking deeper into your comment for a future post, as I agree we must be weary of marketing and dig deeper into products. Thank you!

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