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Understanding regional cultures

In addition to the ethnic culture we are born into a regional culture. Life experiences are largely based on the geographical area where one is raised. A region could be:

Boston Harbor at sunset. People in Boston have a different culture than the rest of New England.
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  • a group of states, such as the religion of “The Bible Belt
  • an entire state, like the gambling culture of Nevada
  • parts of a state, Michigan's Upper Peninsula v. Detroit for example
  • a city, considering the cultures specific to Boston

Because of the transient nature of society, regional cultural traits are picked up originally from our parents and then modified or added to as we move from one region to another.

The most common regional culture is one's nationality. People share experiences and learn to react in certain ways based on their nation. Overlay that with state or provincial cultures and you begin to see the complexity of this cultural distinction.

Regional cultures do not necessarily recognize borders. For this reason Max has developed an experiential learning exercise as a fun way to learn some of the differences between regional cultures based on continents. Click here to go to it.

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