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Understanding our identity

As Christians, many of us have an identity crisis. We know we have changed since our conversion but often times we struggle with our new identity.

I’ll use an illustration to explain.

Say you have an identity ladder and the bottom of the ladder was you before you came to Christ. The top of the ladder is Christ. While the bible says we belong on that top rung with God, many of us feel we’re closer to the middle. We accept God’s sacrifice and know we have changed but we have a hard time believing we’re a part of God.

It’s easy to see this. Grace doesn’t come from our efforts or us so we don’t think we deserve to be on the same level as God. While this is right, it is also damaging to think this way.

If we don’t understand fully God’s sacrifice for us, we will not fully reap the rewards. This doesn’t mean developing an entitlement mindset; it means understanding who we are and being gracious with our new identity.

Understanding our new identity is powerful. It can give us courage we never thought we had.

Take Paul’s life for instance. He was imprisoned, flogged, hunted and shipwrecked. Yet all the while, he knew God would take care of him. He knew he was a part of the body of Christ and this gave him the courage to accomplish many wonderful things.

While it is hard to place our identity as being a part of God, it is necessary to do so. We have to understand that we belong to a new body and our identity rests as one of God’s children. If we can understand this, it will give us the power to conquer any challenges that may come our way.

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