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Understanding marital status cultures

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Marital status has a big bearing on who we are, how we react, with whom we socialize, and how we recreate. Many have gotten married has seen their like change significantly from their premarital life. Whether for the good of the bad they now find that life is more tied to a team than to individuals.

Distinctions with separate cultures include the obvious married or single subcultures which would seem to be the main driver in this cultural distinction as a whole. However other distinctions have surfaced in recent years giving us further insight into individuality.

These nuances include cultures exhibited by the divorced, those living together without legal and/or church marriage, and those of the same gender living together as an intimate couple.

Predominant subcultures:

  • Single. This subculture is people that have never been married or that lived together but have now separated.
  • Married. Traditional marriage.
  • Same-sex marriage. Differs from the married subculture due to the legal challenges faced by this group.
  • Divorced. Anyone that has been married for a period of time and then divorced.
  • Living together. Cohabitating without a state or church recognized marriage.

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