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Understanding dry stout beer?

When you have a dry stout beer the appearance of your beer is going to be toward the darker side and the flavor profile of the beer should be a toward the hop bitterness side; however, you will still find that coffee taste from the roasted grains that brewers put into their beer. The overall impression of the dry stout beer is going to be a dark, roasted creamy ale flavor.

The dry stout beer originates from the success that brewers in London, England had with their porter beers. The stout beer quickly became known as 'stout porters' - When stout beers starting to get stronger and stronger, they quickly became a beer category on their own.

Some of the examples that you should try in the dry stout beer are:
Guinness Draught Stout
Goose Island Dublin Stout
Brooklyn Dry Stout
Dragonhead Stout

The stout beer averages a ABV of around 4%-5% and comes in at around 30-45 IBUs for those that like to know. So enjoy your drinking and drink safe.

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