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Understanding Consumers on Technology

Our attention, as consumers, in this present day, is in a constant overdrive, about technology. We are indeed curious to the most recent tech gadgets. And we eagerly are abuzz about new things, like the connected car and home. But, are we understood. The marketplace has and will continue to change. Buyers may want the latest in technology; yet, affordability still reigns on the ability to make the purchase. However, places like craigslist, amazon, and ebay, just to name some players, can offer, down the road, a chance to acquire, these goodies, at lower costs; even beyond reduced prices of the manufacturer/retailer. And that’s okay.

Consumers buy and that's what they do!
Consumers buy and that's what they do!
Keith McFarland at CES
A practical consumer good, a smartphone accessory
Sourced from DashIT website

In accordance, what will catch our eye are the big items. Perhaps, though, the real future growth will lie in everyday practical items, re-created and using technology. Headphones, portable Bluetooth speakers, eating/baking utensils, and cameras, are among them. And thus, the increasing availability and affordability are making it easier for the masses to obtain. In the end analysis, we are beings about moving forward for success, fun, and gratification, pursuant to our personalized definition(s). Therefore, the focus truly does rest on our needs getting met.

If privacy of our usage, functionality with protections / without compromise, or environmentally safe, now incorporates the decision-making process, then such buying evolutions must be reconciled, within the bells and whistles reflected, by the up and coming tech gadgets. Nonetheless, keep in mind, the challenges of dealing with people, in transactions, remain; and, new innovative devices are not always free, from infringements of other parties, of questionable agendas, despite good quality and usefulness. It’s perhaps like trying to understand and connect to your audience, as a writer. For whatever commonality we share in a need and desire for products, we can still hold differences in personality, philosophy, focuses, upbringings, and so forth.

Extending the thought, mingling with members of the media, there is no doubt to the economics anticipated, in technology, as touching all of society. Similar experiences can be expressed about sports. Furthermore, there exist, among us, a quiet level of competition, while we each attempt, to establish a niche means, for reporting. The nature of the subject matter includes seriousness, fun, and a never ending curve of learning, in positive perspectives. And with these possibilities, we maintain and build our passions. Of course, new ones are not dismissive to older ones.

Returning to our main discussion, simplicity, practicality, quality, and pricing, often make-up the foundation, for attracting demand, across a broader/larger base of buyers. DashIT ( would indeed, at minimum, meet the threshold, for simplicity and practicality. The cost is a whopping $14.95, plus shipping and handling; weighing 4.8 ounces. It’s a very easy and mobile product, neither using, nor requiring, any adhesions or suction cups. The item is also lightweight and flexible. As such, DashIT leaves no residue or mandates any accessories. Use in your car, your spouses or a friend, a company or rental. Can be ideal for listening to directions, being on speaking phone, etc..

We may very well live in an age of excitement and wants, brought about by innovation. However, our buying decisions remain driven by practicality, social consciousness, and limited resources.

P.S.: Our next newsletter will be the October edition.

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