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Understanding breast lift scars

Breast lifts are a procedure to help rejuvenate a more youthful and fuller appearance. Also known as a mastopexy, women who seek this procedure do so for their own personal reasons. The causes of a woman losing the original shape of her breasts may be due to breast feeding, childbearing or having lost significant weight.

These physical changes can naturally cause breasts to sag due to the stretching of skin.

A breast lift can correct this, by raising breasts and restoring volume.

While the surgery is high in demand, what most women try to avoid is the type of scarring which may occur. And plastic surgeons do their best to minimize the scarring.

Many patients who visit a San Diego plastic surgeon ask to have a breast lift with minimal scarring and often refer to a circumareolar incision. This is a scar only around the nipple, but not all patients are candidates for this if they have redundant skin or require more aesthetic work.

While minimal scarring is important, what takes precedence is the surgical outcome of a mastopexy in regard to the ideal shape and size.

For a significant mastopexy or lift, a patient may need more than just a circumareolar mastopexy incision, since it limits the amount of skin which can be removed.

Another way to view this surgery is by understanding that the degree of a lift correlates to the amount of skin a surgeon removes. So naturally, the amount of skin removed will be in direct proportion to the scar length.

So the surgical scale ranges from circumareolar, to keyhole, to an anchor incision.

A keyhole involves scarring around the areola and down the center of the breast, whereas, the anchor incision follows the same pattern but also has a scar underneath the breast.

As mentioned before, some breast lifts do require more scarring to achieve the right shape and volume.

At the end of the day, a patient ultimately needs to decide along with her surgeon, what breast lift is right for them as well as determining the type of breast lift with the most long-lasting results.

Every patient needs to do their due diligence when interviewing their potential breast lift plastic surgeon. Visit a few board certified San Diego plastic surgeons, ask a variety of questions, and even question their recommendations by learning more.

Following a few different consultations, patients generally choose the surgeon which is right for them.

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