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Understanding blended ethnicity

Understanding blended ethnicity.
Understanding blended ethnicity.
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Ethnic purity was once a strong force that kept members of different ethnic, religious or racial groups from comingling reproductively. As society has changed through the years the stigma of interracial dating has subsided or completely disappeared. The result is what is known as “blended ethnicity”.

Biracial individuals often face an identity crisis as they seek to "fit into" ethnic groups. Some see this as a disadvantage while others see it as advantageous because they belong to more than one ethnic or racial culture. This duo citizenship allows them to experience the best of both cultures in their life and relationships. However the opposite is also true as this group often faces the discrimination shown toward both groups.

Although cultural purity is still most common, people from all generations are developing deep relationships with those from other races, religions, nationalities, and other cultures. As a result this group is beginning to see acceptance of their individuality more commonplace.

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