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Understanding a workplace culture of job class

Understanding a workplace culture of job class.
Understanding a workplace culture of job class.
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We have all heard the terms “white-collar” and “blue-collar”. These terms have historically been used to describe executives and front-line workers – each of which is as a culture.

At a General Motors assembly plant in Warren, Mich., to refer to the cultures without reference to the color of one’s shirt. They will ask someone showers in the morning or if they shower in the evening.


Because, they contend, blue-collar workers shower in the evening to eliminate the sweat of the day’s work on the assembly line versus white-collar workers began to shower in the morning to refresh for the day.

How a job is classified, whether as management, skilled trade, or hourly, will define a culture for those working within the organization. The culture will overlay the other workplace cultures with some elements having an impact on the employee even following a job change.

Predominant subcultures:




Skilled trade

Unskilled laborer

Each of the subcultures can be predicted to act and react in specific ways based on their shared experiences. As with any culture it is important to remember that cultural characteristics that are good for more widespread across the culture and those cultural characteristics that are bad. It is important to always get to know an individual before making character judgments about them.

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