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Understanding 911

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The decadence and immortality long displayed by America’s entertainment industry has consequences that go far beyond our borders. Hollywood’s exporting of moral filth not only pollutes the minds of individuals around the world, it also influences the way other nations’ and group view the UNITED STATES-not the least of these being Islamic terrorists who seek to destroy it.

The 9/11 Commission Report, released in 2004 at the request of President George W. Bush and congress, noted that one motivating factor in the terrorists attacks of 9/11 was Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida’s assessment of the moral state of America.

The report posed the question of what can be done to stop attacks such as on 9/11:” Al Qaida's answer was that America should abandon the Middle East, concert to Islam, and end the immorality and godlessness of its society and culture.” Failure to comply with these demands would put America at war with Islam.

Shortly after the Commission released its report, Jim Henry, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, stated in a sermon “Let’s acknowledge that America’s increasing decadence is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. When we tolerate trash on television, permit pornography to invade our homes on the internet and allow babies to be killed at the point of birth, we are inflaming radical Islam.”

Survey research supports that view. A 2011 report from the Pew Research Center stated: “majorities or pluralities among nearly every Muslim public surveyed say Westerner’s are violent, greedy, fanatical, selfish, immoral and arrogant.”

This is what I have known from the get go, how about you?

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