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Understand what it means to have a partnership in a relationship

A Partnership Can Be A Beautiful Thing

Why don't you look at me just like you once did?

Why don't we talk the way we once did?

The dysfunction of relationships are occurring significantly more; and the idea of it happening personally to you is taken for granted. What has happened to the thoughtful considerate words that once transpired simply by looking at your mate?

One may feel, there was a time when you once regarded my feelings as well as my concerns. Perhaps; one would hope; you have been curious enough to ask yourself about these things and what transpired between us beginning the deterioration of our past times and consideration that we once applied to the relationship. Somewhere along the way emotionally, you lost each other. Many times this transpires right before your eyes, you actually see and feel that you have lost what you once possessed.

Is could be due to the fact many of us forgot how to be in a partnership. Let's use the word partnership because a partnership is an arrangement in which parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. This would mean both parties has to concur to the other person in a relationship; learning how to be tender, understanding, tolerant and caring. The definition of a partnership nowhere is explained as a selfish relationship.

Perhaps resentment and bitterness has turned to animosity hindering your relationship from flourishing. Maybe you have sat and pondered pertaining your issues for so long you don't know how to go back now? Here's something to think about; once you care for an individual you should live each day with them just as if it were your last day. It's best to cherish every moment you have together because when that special someone is taken away from you that's a moment stolen forever.

The hands of time cannot be turned back; isn't that reason enough to put stubbornness on the back burner, releasing yourself of resentment; giving yourself room to move forward with the single person you know in your heart that you care for. It could be the final opportunity you may possibly have; some declare no it cannot happen to me, nevertheless, yes indeed it can!

With that thought imaginable, is whatever you continue to hold onto that important or is it actually that serious and crucial you can't let go? On a personal level, on how many occasions have you erred only to desire you were forgiven and or understood, and your situation was forgotten, as well as not even discussed again?
Individuals have to look at someone else's errors through their own eyes. Attempt to put yourself in another persons' shoes and make it your aim to see how you would feel if you were being treated like you are treating the one you care for. Outcomes would be much more loving and supportive if it were you standing in those shoes. Individuals get so irritated, frustrated and trapped in that egocentric mode whereby they are unable to allow their partner a chance to show their remorse.

With that said... let it go, you by no means need to hold onto it. Cherish the moments because you may never get the chance to say I love you again. By no means waste the opportunity in making it possible for your partnership to prosper and thrive.

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