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Underneath the Millennial Mom Part 2

Check out the rest of the 2014 Report.
Check out the rest of the 2014 Report.
Baby Center

This past week we have been concentrating on the BabyCenter Report that came out in 2014 regarding Millennial Moms. Yesterday we looked into why this new generation of moms is not like her mother (the Gen X mom) and how they are digitally savvy. Today we will concentrate on the last two discoveries about Millennial Moms that came out of the research for this most recent Report.

#3 specified that Millennial Moms are socially selective. Although these women are technologically savvy, they choose to utilize their devices and social media to post pictures of themselves or their children. This could, in fact, be due to them wanting to take security precautions and protect themselves and those that they love the most. It was discovered that four out of five Millennial Moms don’t settle for Facebook’s default privacy settings and three out of five turn off location services for photos and/or social media sites.

As many Gen X parents have deduced, Millennial Parents are happy to communicate digitally as opposed to verbally; they are twice as likely to prefer communicating via text than all previous generations. You will also notice that this Millennial Generation is twice as likely to use social media to send birthday party and other invitations. Much to the chagrin of those taught strict etiquette, Millennial Moms are 21% less likely to send a thank-you note via postal mail.

“Social norms change over time,” says Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist and BabyCenter contributor. “While older generations may interpret some newer communication methods as impersonal, younger generations see them as a natural progression of how we communicate in the digital era.”

The fourth point discovered is that due to economic conditions being as they are, Millennial Moms are entrepreneurs proving that they are fearless, creative and ambitious with radically different career expectations. In part this also has to do with the fact that they entered adulthood after Apple released the iPhone and after the introduction of social media, eBay and Etsy which are sure signs of the times.

According to Entrepreneur, more than half of the Millennial Moms interviewed report wanting to start their own business. BabyCenter found that compared to Gen X moms, Millennial Moms are 17% more likely to freelance, and one in five have started a blog with substantial followers. Thirty-nine percent of Millennial Moms have used social media to sell items they’ve made (63% higher than Gen X moms). Millennial Moms are also 67% more likely than Gen X moms to have received payment for running errands or helping others, using apps like TaskRabbit and GigWalk.

“Despite the unstable economy and high unemployment rates, Millennial Moms have a can-do attitude,” says Fogarty. “It’s clear from our research that these moms feel confident in their ability to make ends meet, but what is surprising is how much technology plays into this. From getting paid for making store visits and posting reviews, to leveraging social media to promote freelance work or a home business, Millennials are using the new digital tools at their disposal to deliver in very new ways for their family. A few years ago, we saw moms embrace the online couponing trend, but now we’re seeing a dramatic shift. Moms aren’t just saving money; they’re finding creative ways to earn it.”

So that concludes what was revealed in the 2014 BabyCenter 21st Century Insight Series. To read it in length, click on Millennial Mom Report and get started today.

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