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Underground Music Showcase kicks off on Broadway

UMS Lineup 2014 Promotional Flyer
UMS Promotional Flyer

The Denver Post’s Underground Music Showcase kicks off tonight with eight o’clock shows at almost a dozen venues. The showcase is one of the more popular local music and some national indie bands and is expected to draw thousands of people to central and South Broadway.

There are more than 400 performances expected this year from a wide variety of musicians. Some of the more popular bands, like Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, are expected to play multiple shows. SRRS is scheduled for three themselves.

Nearly every business on Broadway takes part in the event, with obvious contributors like bars hosting shows, to the Goodwill store allowing stages and tents to be set up behind their store in the parking lot. Everyone from the local media will be there as well, Denver Post sponsors the event, along with OpenAir from Colorado Public Radio.

“I love UMS. I don't know that I have much bad to say, I always have fun and the energy is always great,” said Rachel Edgerton of the band Mako1972. “ I'm really looking forward to playing and also to getting exposed to some new local jams.” Mako1972 plays tomorrow night at 11 at the Eslinger Gallery. Other crowd favorites include Blonde Redhead and Rachel and the Kings. Basically, if there is a local band in Denver, they will be there.

Many of the venues are no stranger to hosting shows on a weekly, or even daily, basis, but it’s nothing like this. Some bars, like The Skylark and 3 Kings, are hosting over 30 different events total. Make sure to tip your bartenders well, they will be earning every penny this week.

The event is in its 14th year, each year getting bigger and stronger than the one before. Originally the showcase took place on Colfax, but moved to Broadway in 2006 when it grew too big for that area. Originally the proceeds went entirely to the bands, but now the event is large enough to be a full blown non-profit that sends the money directly to the Denver Post Community Foundation.

In other words, it’s the biggest local music scene in Denver this summer, proceeds go to charity, and almost everybody else in town will be there. In other words, there’s really no reason not to go. Passes will be available at 21 S Broadway. Single day passes are $35, full weekend ones go for $75.

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