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Underground Gangsta Rappers of Chicago in the 1990's

Gangsta Rap is one of the most aggressive forms of pop music. It emerged out of the 1980's and sold out in the late 1990's. But between these decades lies a period of time owned by the Chicago underground. Artists who went through the story of hardship and fast living, applying a creativity to their flow that you still can't hear from any thug on the mic. Let me tell you about those who did it well. Do Or Die, Psycho Drama, and Twista.

Do Or Die is rappers : Belo Zero, N.A.R.D. and A.K. . Their biggest success came in 1996, with the hit single "Po Pimp". It was certified gold in October of that year by the RIAA. The recognition eventually led to negotiations with Houston, Tx based label Rap-A-Lot Records along with a successful tour. Do Or Die's most popular albums are " Picture This" (1996), and "Headz or Tails" (1998). They also released six other albums and often collaborated with fellow Chicagoan, Twista.

Psycho Drama is rappers: New Sense, Psyde FX, and Buk (aka Yung Buk). Psycho Drama brought a depth and intensity to their lyrics and sound that created a whole new sub genre of Gangsta Rap. Psycho Drama also collaborated with Do Or Die and Twista during their prime, in songs like "No Love" and "Adrenaline Rush".

Cavalier Mitchell, or Twista (aka Tung Twista), was once classified as the "fastest rapper alive" by Guinness Book of World Records. This recognition was followed by the release of his first album, "Running off at the Mouth", which received great recognition inside of Chicago. Twista's highest moments came at the turn of the millennium, with his certified gold album "Adrenaline Rush" , and "The Day After".

The styles of Chicago gangsta rap are still imitated in today's hip hop. But most can't handle the choppa flow (fast paced rapping). Just goes to show that everyone can't be original.

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