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Underground film festival gearing up for brooding summer

A film festival with just the right amount of poetic justice.
A film festival with just the right amount of poetic justice.
Courtesy: Andy Partak.

Background: You just completed art school and now you’re sitting alone on your vintage couch musing over your “next step” one afternoon. Your passion is filmmaking and it’s safe to say you have more than your fair share of homemade indie flicks -- perhaps with just the right amount of nudity. You’re a fan of the arts and are ready to make your big debut, but you're bored with the "tired conventions of Hollywood."

The Scene: Channel all that angst and socialize with other appropriately hip locals at the 17th Annual Chicago Underground Film Festival. Famous for its experimental and hipster motifs, the CUFF is the place for all things Chicago nouvelle vague. (Without all the labels and hype of independent industry staples like Sundance.)

Sashay through the crowds at the Gene Siskel Film Center and rub shoulders with filmmakers and movie buffs alike. And don't be concerned about filming on that Hi-8 camera, the CUFF is geared towards a younger, fresh-faced, recently degree-toting crowd, a “hipper audience of film-lovers,” according to the festival's official site; a diverse crowd that ranges from Columbia College students, to public relations and promotional groups. 

So, now it’s up to you. Gather your things and submit that 3-hour documentary/horror-film to the judges before it’s too late. And keep the recent rave Ebert review of the CUFF to yourself, there’s no reason to risk social underground suicide by admitting it as the cause for your attendance.

Ready? Action.


  • Patrick 5 years ago

    Subscribed. Looking forward to hearing more from the great city of Chicago.

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