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Underground Exposure $5.00 Bill Concert create needed exposure to Indie Artist

Underground exposure $5.00 bill concert
Marilyn Pean

Underground exposure Miami is creating the kind of support system that independent artist are looking for. Every Thursday Night the most talented artist share their music with fans at the Polo Club located in Hallandale Beach, Florida. On Friday, May 12, 2014 the first Underground Exposure five-dollar bill concert was successfully accomplished. Ten artists took over the Polo Club stage and one by one performed hit single after hit single.

Indie artist such as B-Status, J-Ariez, Cm Saint Fort and Juice baby were able to put on an unforgettable show for fans at the Polo Club. Other artist like Young Kain, R and B singer Keisha, J-Roots, Justice and Luie Mac continued to show the crowd what Underground Exposure combined with their talents is all about. DJ Brad supported the concert by spinning and co hosting the event.

Underground Exposure inaugurated an expansion of their Underground Exposure New Jersey to Miami on February 1, 2014 giving independent artist an opportunity to perform, build their career and business on a weekly basis. A concert such as the five-dollar bill concert creates the exposure that is needed, especially for new artist. Underground Exposure has locations in Maryland, New York, New Jersey and soon Brunswick, G.A. One of the goals of the company is to create most important a support system because with support there is growth.

Any artist can be part of this movement and join the weekly showcases at the Polo Club in Hallandale Beach, Florida on Thursday nights creating that open forum needed for the artist to share with their fans.

Underground exposure artist will be going ham for a thousand dollar prize on May 24,2014 at the 1st Klass Café. To experience 11 top South Florida artist battle for the to prize of $1000.00 go to Tickets are on sale now!

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