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Underground at the Amon Carter

Commuters on an NYC subway car
Commuters on an NYC subway car
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Public transportation can be an odd place. Everyone tends to float along to their separate destinations within their own separate bubbles. When those bubbles collide for whatever reason we can catch a glimpse of purely human moments. Kathy Sherman Suder has brought some of those moments to life in a stunning collection of over sized, color-rich photographs taken in the worlds busiest underground transit systems: those of London, New York and Tokyo. The exhibition is titled 'Underground' and will be on display at the Amon Carter through August 17, 2014. In some of the frames the subjects are obviously aware of Suder's presence, like the photo of two girls with bright pink and blue hair shielding their faces behind their hands. Another from London is of an exhausted looking, frowning woman donning a luxurious coat and a plastic crown that reads 'Happy New Year'. We've all been there. From afar Suder captures ordinary moments of quiet, powerful emotion. In one frame two hijab clad women face each other over a stair railing, grasp hands and incline their heads toward one another smiling wide. In another a tall gangly man sings his heart out with eyes closed as he strums away on a tiny ukulele.

Suder rose to international acclaim in 2004 with her captivating photographs of men boxing titled 'Knockout'. Both 'Knockout' and 'Underground' exhibit the discerning eye and exquisite artistry of the photographer while each photo stays true to its own frozen story. The images are enticing and they make the viewer wonder about the subjects and invent an unique history for each one. The setting of 'Underground' in spaces that are so public and so familiar to all of us makes the art accessible and lighthearted. It is easy to imagine ourselves in those places, traveling, thinking about everything but the journey we're on. The exhibition is accompanied by the artist's new book titled 'Underground: London, New York, Tokyo.