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Underground artist amazes wedding guest at 'Say Yes to the Dress' taping

Princeton Dudley Song Brings Guest to Tears at 'Say Yes to the Dress' Taping.
Princeton Dudley Song Brings Guest to Tears at 'Say Yes to the Dress' Taping.

Weddings are always touching simply because it's a wedding. But at Saturday's ceremony, even grown men gave in to tears from the song, "Last One You Love," which was sang at a "Say Yes to the Dress" taping of the wedding in Southfield of Loren Jordan and Cornelius Hicks.

Co-writer and producer of the heart-warming song, Princeton Dudley brought the "full package," says Michael Griggs. Dudley, 26, has a beautiful sound to accompany the touching words of the song.

Before a capacity audience, Dudley crooned out this love song that reached the heavens. His gentle spirit rang throughout the audience and left the audience spell-bound. Griggs went on to say that he shed tears during the song, and he (Griggs) continued to rave about Dudley the remainder of the night.

There have been thousands of love songs written, but this one has such originality and depth that you think you've heard it before. You can hear the song at this link. According to Dudley's website, he was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and discovered his passion for singing when he was 17. Listening to this passionate singer and up-coming actor, he has a sound like Usher and Chris Brown.

According to Griggs, who knows his music, Dudley is going places with his singing, because he has the sound and the presence. Want a sacred Godly contemporary song that your guest will be amazed at, you've found it right here on Examiner. To make you or your loved one's wedding or anniversary extra special, contact singer and producer, Princeton Dudley to sing the special song, "Last One You Love," not to be mistaken for another similar song.

The Reality television show, "Say Yes to the Dress" airs on TLC, check your local listing for times and dates.

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