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‘Undercover Boss’ spoilers: Sky Zone boss is youngest CEO on show ever

The upcoming episode of “Undercover Boss” is looking at a milestone for the show. Highlighting the CEOs who go undercover to find out how the employees do with the tasks set out, the cameras are rolling as unsuspecting employees meet the boss and sharing in work. This is a spoiler for the “Undercover Boss” on March 14, if viewers don’t want to know what happens, turning away now is essential. According to Minneapolis Star-Tribune on Thursday, the show is highlighting the world in indoor trampoline parks.

Visitors to a local Sky Zone park can bounce and flip from one trampoline to another, leap into pits filled with soft, foam blocks and play a trampoline-based version of dodgeball. Since the first facility in 2004 in Las Vegas, Sky Zone has expanded to 17 states, with plans for locations in additional locations.

Jeff Platt, CEO of Sky Zone, takes his job seriously and works as a referee at a children’s dodgeball game for the world’s first indoor trampoline park. On another assignment, the 29-year-old boss who the youngest in the show’s history has trouble hiding his knowledge of the company when working in community relations.

At the end of the program Jeff Platt reviews all this experiences and sets up to offer up new ideas and rewarding individuals who have done their part for making the company successful.

“Undercover Boss” is on CBS Friday, March 15, at 8 p.m. ET.

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