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'Undercover Boss' finds CEO of ‘Sky Zone’ in disguise as employee

Tonight's CBS episode of "Undercover Boss," featured the youngest CEO of the show so far. Jeff Platt is the 29-year-old CEO of Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, this Los Angeles based company, who is about to be disguised as a worker to go undercover to see how his employees do their job.

Jeff Platt
Undercover Boss

With 2,000 employees in 50 locations, Sky Zone is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. Behind the jumping craze, is president and CEO, Jeff Platt, founded n 2002 by his father, Rick, previous attempts at doing trampoline parks were all outdoors. While going to college in St. Louis, he and his father opened the first Sky Zone, but unfortunately, his mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, leaving him alone to run the business, while his father tended to his mother. As Jeff tearfully recalled her decline and actual death in 2009, she gives him strength each day to press on.

Jeff is going to be an "Undercover Boss" in the guise of Scott Emerson, a hockey enthusiast competing to win an action-packed vacation on a reality show, and it is not "Undercover Boss."

His first stop was in Westborough, Mass. at a location they recently opened. He will be starting out as a court monitor, a position that can make or break the guest experience at Sky Zone. Cam, was the head court monitor who told him that it was his new favorite place. Their first monitoring was dodge ball. Cam refereed the beginning, then Scott would do it alone. Scott was very impressed with Cam, who was enthusiastic and wowed him. Cam felt that Scott needed to brush up on the way he talked to kids and not point to them when they were out. They went to the main court next where Cam asked Scott what he did prior to this job, he replied that he worked on a cleaning staff for the St. Louis Blues. Cam was a player for the Junior Bruins before he broke both his hips when he was leg-checked. After several surgeries, he is finally starting to recover from this grueling experience, but his cheerful demeanor does not reveal his horrific journey. Immediately, Jeff/Scott thought of his mother and what she went through. As he described his years of immobility and the pain, he then revealed the cost of this tragedy and how he continues to help his father pay the bills. While he was recovering, he found Sky Zone, and he loves the place and the way he does the job, reflects this.

The next location was Pompano Beach, Fla. at a construction site, working as an installer. When working with Cam and seeing how aware of safety he was, he wants to see how the installers feel about safety. His boss for the day is Keith, who shows him how to install the springs for the trampolines. Keith loves his job and is passionate because he is on the road about 300 days a year doing installations. Keith shows him how the net installed under the trampolines protects the user from hitting the floor, in case they fall between the trampolines. When Scott states that the safety gloves make it difficult to install the net, Keith tells him that safety is their main focus, and that he has a two-year-old daughter, and although he misses her being away so much, he has to go where the money is. He pointed out an error that Scott made, and showed him the proper way to install and told him to move along, as they had much to do. When they took a five-minute break, Keith revealed how he has overcome making bad decisions in his life. After being incarcerated, he is now proud to be working. He and his wife lost a daughter last year who was stillborn. After she was born, they were allowed to take her to the room and keep her, as long as they required before they took her. He became very depressed after that and wanted to die too. However, now he has a positive outlook and channels his love of family into his work.

In Minneapolis, he was now working with community relations. This location is huge in community relations, and here he met with Miles, who has met him several times before, and he hopes does not recognize him. First, they did a facility tour and then to the call center where they would take calls. As Scott went to the men's room, Miles was telling someone in the office his suspicion that he believed Scott to be Jeff Platt. When they went to the call center, Scott/Jeff knew all the proper terminology and answers to give the customers’ queries. Jeff knew he was busted, and took Miles aside to speak to him privately. Miles also lost his father, the way Jeff lost his mother. After a painful episode of drug addiction, he met the franchise owner who gave him a job at Sky Zone, and the rest is history. He hopes to become a franchise owner, and now after getting married and purchasing a home, he is again happy in his life.

In Oaks, Pa., he will be working as a maintenance assistant. This facility has a huge amount of jumpers in a little over nine months. He will be with Breckin, another maintenance assistant, who greets Scott and tells him they will be getting a little dirty. They had to check out a broken turn buckle. Scott seemed inept at the job, as Breckin had to show him the ropes, and Breckin said he seemed more like the type who would check out your groceries. As they were cleaning, Scott/Jeff knew there had to be a better way of cleaning the trampolines and connected structures. His experience in the foam pit, showed Breckin that he was truly enjoying his job, but when they got to talk man-to-man, he actually found out that Breckin was born a female and was bullied most of his life. When he explained his mounting debt for testosterone treatments and student loans, he had to deal with what he could afford. Jeff’s mother encouraged him to be what he wanted to be, and he understood how Breckin felt about his mother and her encouragement for him.

Back in Los Angeles, the employees were brought back to discuss Scott’s evaluation. Miles who already knew Jeff was given the opportunity to work with the training department to give encouragement and assistance to new franchise owners. While Jeff was undercover, he explained how they needed assistance in that area. Jeff then gave him $5,000 to donate to a cancer charity of his choice in honor of his dad. He also gave him $5,000 for his family and then gave him the $60,000 franchise fee to open his own Sky Zone.

Jeff told Keith that he had an incredible time with him. He gave him a promotion to a level two installer with a 13% raise effective immediately. He also gave him a $10,000 college fund for his daughter’s education. He was not done, he then gave him $30,000 for his family.

Breckin was told was a fantastic job he did, and Jeff is hiring a cleaning consultant. Breckin will be working with the cleaning consultant to come up with a method of cleaning the entire park that will then be utilized across all franchises. He also received an immediate 10% raise and $20,000 to use as he saw fit, which he will use towards the surgeries he needs.

Cam came in, and Jeff wanted to thank him for being an awesome court monitor. With fifty new Sky Zones opening in the next year, he needs to have some training videos. Cam will be the face of the video where he will be paid for this task. On Jeff’s next trip to Boston, they will get glass seats to a Bruins game, one of Cam’s lifelong dreams. Then Jeff told him that he would pay for his physical therapy for the next three years and $30,000 to pay his father. As Cam could not hold back the tears, it was evident that his pain of the last six years was erased in a heartbeat.

In the weeks since the episode taped, Miles is looking for both a new family-friendly car and the ideal location for his franchise. Keith’s dream of buying a home for his family is now possible thanks to his promotion. Breckin could pay down his student loans, and after his procedure is starting his new debt-free life. Cam paid his father back and has returned to physical therapy, and plans to be back on the ice in no time.

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