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Undercover Betty currently ranked 5th globally in Hard Rock Rising competition

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TAMPA - 24 hours after voting began in the 2014 Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands competition, Tampa Bay’s own Undercover Betty is currently ranked #1 in the Tampa Bay region, receiving the most votes out of all 132 Tampa Bay bands currently in the competition. Even more impressive for the band is that they are also currently ranked #5 globally, receiving more votes then 8,368 other bands from around the world.

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All total there are 8,372 bands from around the world competing in this years Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands Competition. 132 of those bands are Tampa Bay bands. Out of those 8,372 bands only four bands in the world (as of 10:20am) have received more votes then Tampa Bay’s Undercover Betty.

News of Undercover Betty’s high ranking is not only an impressive accomplishment for the band themselves, but it is also an impressive accomplishment for the Tampa Bay music scene in general as well. Undercover Betty’s #5 position in the global competition makes Tampa Bay the #4 region in the world having a 1st place band within it. Only three other regions in the world currently have bands with more votes then Tampa Bay and Undercover Betty.

The top four regions include:

  1. New York, New York (has 2 bands having more votes then Undercover Betty)
  2. Lisbon, Portugal
  3. Hollywood, Florida
  4. Tampa, Florida

Presented by Hard Rock International and Reverbnation, Hard Rock Rising is an annual, worldwide competition that exposes regional, local, unsigned bands. Each year fans from around the globe get to vote for their favorite local bands. Once the voting ends and the bands are chosen, participating Hard Rock Cafe locations around the world will host a series of live competitions featuring the local bands. One winner will be selected from each location by a panel of local industry judges. Selected local winners will be narrowed down to the top twenty-five bands worldwide following a second round of fan voting on participating Hard Rock Facebook pages.

Once the top 25 bands are chosen, a second panel of industry judges will pick a grand prize winner and two runner-up bands. The grand prize winning local band will win an all-expenses paid trip to Rome, Italy to perform at the first Hard Rock Live Rome music festival on July 12th. The selected runner-up bands will each receive new music equipment and gear valued at $10,000.

Tampa Bay Fans can still cast their votes for their favorite Tampa Bay bands up until February 17th. To cast your vote visit and download the song from your favorite Tampa Bay band..

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