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Under the Radar Video Review: SunNY, Pounds, & Jazzy Kennedi "Stop Skeemin"

OK, real hip hop fans, consider this track and video to be an early Christmas present courtesy of Rochester, NY. This video is a compilation of a few of the most prominent rappers in the area and it is most certainly one for the streets!

“Stop Skeemin” the Track

“Stop Skeemin” features SunNY “Voice of the People”, Mr. “Young, Fat, and Fabulous aka Pounds , and the local sensation turned Atlien heavy weight, Jazzy Kennedi; truly the proverbial recipe for greatness. Each of these artists has their own established styles, fan bases, and swagger which makes this track that much more of an exciting collaboration. The track itself is essentially a collective call to action for people to quit doing shady and underhanded things to get ahead; a message that will certainly be well received amongst any group of prosperous people or even those working towards it honestly.

“Stop Skeemin” the Video

The video itself is a literal adaptation of the lyrics of the lyrics to the track; the guys show the many dangers and issues that are associated with jealousy and envy when one is, or is becoming successful. So check out the video and decide if you want to start listening to these artists, or if you just wish they would stop.

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