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Video: 'Yellow Diamonds' by Upstate NY Heavy Weight, Pounds

Alright Roc City hip hop heads, we have another one from the larger then life local rapper, Pounds who is a member of the ever growing conglomerate, Seven Money Music. This time for his latest single, “Yellow Diamonds” which is the first single off of his highly anticipated, upcoming album “Position of Power” which is set to drop tomorrow, Friday July 27th.

Pounds and Travis McCoy
Pounds and Travis McCoy
'Position of Power' Cover
Alex Marvin

Haven’t heard of Pounds?!

Seriously, WHAT rock have you been living under?! Not only does the heavily tattooed heavy weight stick out like a sore thumb on one of the areas most prominent music groups, but he’s been linked to local legends such as rapper Hassan Mackey, Producer extraordinaire Midnight, renowned photographer Christopher “GoodKnews” Cardwell and most recently the international sensation Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. So, this may just be your last chance to get to know this artist before the world does!

“Yellow Diamonds the Video”

A nocturnally-vibed dance track, the song itself an almost dirty south flow piloted by Upstate word play and charisma. Directed by JuanTV and Inside585 The video at first look seems to be little more than a club party set to a soundtrack. However, upon further examination it seems to be a visual commentary on the proverbial darkness that accompanies night life as a whole. This is perhaps why the video is centered on the rewind aspect, as this typically indicates periods of self reflection.

Furthermore, the fact that “Yellow Diamonds” is also a direct reference to the street drug known as ecstasy; it seems that the artist is shining the light on a thinly veiled reference from the pre-existing Rihanna track, “We Found Love” from which the sample was acquired…

When I asked the artist himself he all but confirmed my assumptions, stating:

"A lot of people think "Yellow Diamonds" is all about jewelry...not the case." (laughs)

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But, does the night life come with a price? I suppose you'd have to ask the artist himself for the answer to that. Indeed, sometimes all that’s glittering, is the Yellow Diamonds…


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