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'Under the Gunn' brings Tim Gunn, prior 'Project Runway' stars back to Lifetime

The mentors of Tim Gunn's new show 'Under the Gunn'
The mentors of Tim Gunn's new show 'Under the Gunn'
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Fans of “Project Runway” have loved Tim Gunn for years, and now he's got his own show. “Under the Gunn” premieres Thursday night on Lifetime, and fans are dying to get started with it. On Jan. 16 Zap2It shared a bit about what fans can expect from this new show.

Tim Gunn isn't the only familiar face “Project Runway” fans will see in “Under the Gunn.” Former contestants Nick Verreos, Anya Ayoung-Chee and Mondo Guerra are on hand as well. The premise will feel similar to “Project Runway” in many ways, it seems.

The 15 contestants will be embracing the opportunity to work with one of the three previous “Project Runway” designers. Someone will be eliminated each week, and if a mentor loses all of his or her designers, they are done. “Under the Gunn” was filmed in Los Angeles, which Tim Gunn loves. He says the challenges are very difficult, much like “Project Runway.”

This seems like it will be an attractive vehicle for Gunn. He gets to still mentor, but with a new approach. Viewers will see new designers, but they will also get to watch “Runway” alums that they have loved in the past. So far it's sounding like a win-win for both Tim Gunn and "Project Runway" fans.

Which of the three new mentors will have the most successful approach in leading the new designers? Viewers can't wait to find out. “Under the Gunn” premieres on Lifetime Thursday, Jan. 16.