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Under the Dome to return for season two

Under the Dome
Under the Dome
Photo by Ethan Miller

Under the Dome is to return to CBS this summer with a second season. According to a USA Today online article, “Dome, based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, was the most-watched scripted summer series in 21 years, averaging 15.1 million viewers”. The show is based on Stephen King’s novel, but the series is now going beyond that. The story as Stephen King told it is over. There is very little left to surprise us. Stephen King is behind the continuation of the story and even wrote the first episode of season two, “Heads Will Roll.”
Stephen King will also appear as another town member trapped in the dome. He will be another town member for now, the question is will he survive?
The first season was about revealing secrets about the characters. Season two will be how the characters now have to deal with everything about them and their pasts.
There are several new characters being added to the show. Of course, viewers have not met everyone trapped inside the Dome yet, but eventually they will run out of characters, don’t you think? Of course, the show probably won’t be drawn out long enough to run out of people unless mass murders begin, but they do kill characters off fairly often.
As well as adding several characters, two familiar characters will die. Of course, they have not hinted to wither they are main characters or not. The guess would be probably not, but technically writers could kill off anyone at any time. Obviously Julia will not be killed off right away, since she is the monarch and all. What does that mean for her? How will she deal with being the dome’s leader of choice?
CBS has already started teasing the previews for the second season. With the season two premier set to air on June 30th, viewers still have a long time to wait. People who were left behind or did not watch the first season have plenty of time to catch up on this amazing summer series.

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