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'Under the Dome' spoilers: Who is the new girl in town?

Rachelle Lefevre talks about things changing "Under the Dome"
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

"Under The Dome" is starting to become a lot like "Once Upon a Time." The series keeps introducing new characters and laws of magic (or laws of the dome); characters can reappear after they die; and it's getting really crazy with the plot twists.

During a June 30 interview with Entertainment Weekly, actress Rachelle Lefevre dropped what might be a hint about the origin of one of the new characters that played a part in a big plot twist. Viewers were introduced to a mysterious girl who Lefevre's character Julia saved from drowning, and it looks like the creepy almost-silent maiden from the deep might have murdered Angie (Britt Robertson). So was the mystery maiden just a Junior (Alexander Koch) fangirl jealous of his love for Angie?

On this crazy show, this is entirely possible. However, it's more likely that the girl "hatched" from the black egg that used to be inside the mini dome. If you recall, Julia tossed the dome's egg baby into the lake at the end of last season. Science teacher Rebecca Pine (Karla Crome) did compare the dome's pulses to contractions, so perhaps they had nothing to do with science, faith, or Big Jim (Dean Norris) needing to be offed – they were just the result of the mystery maiden being "born."

Rachelle Lefevre explained how the dome's role will change this season. "As ever-present as the dome was last season, it’s almost more like a character this season," she said. "It’s more of a sentient being—people feel like they’re connected to it, and it starts to control the atmosphere and the environment."

Unfortunately, the dome mythology might take the backseat next week. Angie's gruesome death has temporarily turned "Under the Dome" into a murder mystery, and it's doubtful that the answer to the whodunit will be the obvious. Viewers might believe that the mystery maiden whacked the object of Joe's obsession, but the girl had already fled the scene when Angie got axed. It's possible that her killing was just a case of mistaken identity. Maybe Big Jim's brother Sam (Eddie Cahill) was trailing the mystery maiden, and maybe he thought he was axing her in the dark.

Sam's spooky drawing in that creepy sketch book full of bloody hand prints indicated that he's seen the mystery maiden before, so maybe she's a girl that he murdered. Or maybe the dome just gave birth to a being who looks like a girl who he murdered. It was revealed that Junior's pink-star-predicting mother is also still alive, so somehow she also fits into this dome-shaped puzzle that seems to revolve around the Rennie family.

During an interview with the Huffington Post, Mike Vogel also revealed that Barbie was meant to be trapped in the dome. "He's taken places and shown some things that he can't deny that basically show him that he didn't end up in Chester's Mill at this time, at this moment, by accident," Vogel said. "There is an orchestrated plan happening around it and on so many levels, we're finding out things about everyone who's there, each one of them serves a purpose for something in some way. There's a reason someone wanted them there." Maybe Barbie has some kind of connection to Junior's mother that hasn't been revealed yet.

Do you think that the mystery maiden is the dome's baby? Did she kill Angie, or is Sam a sinister serial killer? And is what's going on under the dome just going to end up being the dream of Junior's crazy mom?

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