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Under the Dome set to return tomorrow

Under the Dome
Under the Dome
Photo by Isaac Brekken

Under the Dome is set to return tomorrow. It is finally here. They have been teasing audience members for almost two months now, but the day is finally here! Tomorrow night will be epic for sure, based on the previews and rumors spreading around the television world.
Last week they aired an episode meant to introduce viewers to season two. It was more of a strange recap then a preview. It would have been better if they did the average hour long recap of what happened last year in Chester’s Mill. Of course, there were a few moments that reminded viewers of important details, but mostly it was a silly waste of time. Some would have rather a reminder of the main events, especially what happened in the season finale. That is what people wanted to be reminded of. What was the last thing that happened? Where did the story all end?
The epic season premiere was written by story creator Steven King himself. That is what will make the episode so special. Also, there are rumors and previews that two of the main characters will not make it through the episode alive. Of course, it is Chester’s Mill, so there is the possibility that they could come back to life or something crazy, right?
Rumors on some blogs reveal that Natalie Martinez who plays Sheriff Linda Equival, has been cast on Secrets & Lies. They assume that she will be killed off because she cannot do both shows. I kindly say sorry to that person who guessed, because they are wrong! Funny how bloggers and reporters guess without any proof isn’t it? She is listed in every episode of season two according to Internet Movie Database website. Colin Ford, who plays Joe, on the other hand, is only listed through episode five of season two. Nicholas Strong, who plays Phil, is only listed in the first episode of the season. So, if these facts are any indicator, then Phil and Joe will meet their demise in the season two premiere. That is what people call an educated guess, instead of bloggers assuming. Wet Paint is not a reliable site for entertainment apparently. Read more on today.