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'Under the Dome' season 2 spoilers: New characters being cast

Dean Norris plays Big Jim Renny in "Under the Dome."
Photo by Jeff Bottari

Last summer's limited series show, "Under the Dome" was a huge success and was picked up for a second season. On Jan. 8 IDTimes shares that Chester's Mill is going to be receiving three new residents. While this might seem a little unusual for a town literally living n a bubble, it isn't the first time that people have appeared from out of nowhere.

The newest residents are are described as follows; Sam, is best known as the crazy drunk that lives in the woods. It appears as though he is some sort of relative to Big Jim as well. Rebecca is a local teacher in Chester's Mill that Big Jim enlists to start up the school again, however, the kid's aren't likely to be learning reading, writing, and arithmetic. Big Jim has his own agenda of what the school should be teaching. Lastly, there is also a new girl in town that takes a huge interest in Joe and Norrie. This new girl is supposedly new to town so nobody knows anything about her.

Obviously, the new girl is among the most interesting, and people can't wait to see what her interest is in the two teens. What is Big Jim's new agenda that he is now pushing on the children of the town?

In another bit if exciting news, it was also announced that Stephen King himself will be a part of the writing team for the second season. Seeing as how King wrote the original book Under the Dome, the story line should get really interesting. Studio offices of "Under the Dome" is slated to open again at Jan. 13. Production should begin in February or March with a tentative premiere date of June if the second season will air roughly the same as last season.

What do you think of new Chester's Mill residents showing up "Under the Dome"?

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