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Under the Dome Season 2, Episode 7: Going Home

Title Screen
Title Screen

Barbie decides to descend down into the pit in order to retrieve Sam's body in order to prove that Sam, and not Lyle, was responsible for Angie's death. As you can imagine, it doesn't go according to plan.

In one of the goofier scenes of the episode, Barbie gets pulled by..something. While Julia and Rebecca try to pull him up, he is forced to cut himself loose.

He ends up, not at the bottom of the chasm, but outside the dome. Of all the places he could have been sent, it's a bit anti-climactic, but we do get some more background on his character.

I'm not sure why his old co-workers were so skeptical about the idea that he'd be in Chester's Mill. He did "vanish" and you'd think that they'd know that he was handling business up in that area. I guess they don't buy the idea that he escaped?

In any event, it leads to one of the other odd developments as he is recruited to rob his own dad. Much like Melanie's "I'm dead" line, Barbie greets his dad in a cliche, dramatic fashion, complete with over the top orchestral sting.

Life outside the dome is surprisingly mundane. People seemed to have moved on, though the area around the dome is cut off. This proves to be a problem as Barbie's first priority seems to be to get back to the dome.

I'm not sure what was going on with that one group of people who seemed repulsed when they passed Barbie on the street? Was it his wounds? Because from the angle they were facing, it didn't seem like they were visible. I chalked it up to some sort of "aura" from being in the dome, but that never went anywhere.

The development regarding Lyle's fate was intriguing. While Barbie and Sam seem fine, it's revealed that he's near catatonic. I guess he saw things on his journey. Judging by Sam's shaking hand, it seems like he may not be faring too well either. We'll have to see where things go on that front.

As that goes on, the people in the dome try to figure out the mysteries of the tunnel. It was good to see Joe acting intelligently again. While you knew that the video feed would be severed, it managed to get just enough for them to get an idea of where the pit leads. More than that, it gives Julia hope that Barbie is still alive.

I also liked how he pointed out how that tunnel wasn't there before. The idea that the Dome made it should sound silly, but with this show, you can almost buy it.

Sure enough, when the characters are under the impression that all the weird goings on are part of the dome's plan, they don't panic. For all they know, the dome's plan could be horrifying (and I still don't trust that egg). It's OK, though, because it's all part of the plan.

For the first time this season, Dean Norris is given some decent material to work with. His confrontation with Rebecca after he discovers her deception was one of the highlights of the episode as he really did come off as menacing and quite creepy.

While this episode wasn't quite as strong as its predecessor, it still did more right than it did wrong. Honestly, the flaws only amounted to minor hiccups. The episode certainly had potential to do more, but what it did here worked well enough. It seems like the writers have found their groove, so things should get interesting as we get closer to the season's end.

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