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Under The Dome Episode Commentary:"In the Dark"


“In the Dark” explored many empty plot holes that resulted in a slow-paced episode. This season has been the same song and dance from the start. Once you think you have the answers, you get none. Afterward, there are more questions that are unveiled, with no answers once again.

Under the Dome Episode Commentary:"In the Dark"

This episode picks up right where we left off last week. Junior and Sam discover that the locker where Angie was killed has a secret passage that leads to an underground cave of some sort. When Barbie decides to join Junior and Sam, a trip wire explosion causes them to get trapped. This leaves Junior to alert the new town mayor, Julia.

Back in Chester’s Mill, there is another weather-related issue. This time, instead of rain, there is dust, which is strong enough to kill you. Rebecca, who is now known as the town genius, figures out a way to stop this dust storm by the use of a windmill.
Junior, Joe, Norrie and Melanie figure out a way to get the egg back from the lake. With there combined four hands, they see the same pink stars and a familiar object that Melanie remembers from her town she used to live in.

Sam also finally tells the truth about how Melanie was killed. Barbie figures out that Sam killed Angie, which results in Sam taking his own life. From this, it's obvious there were plenty of unrealistic scenarios this episode. We know about Rebecca’s brilliance, but it seems she knows way too much about what to do in any tough situation. With the help of Julia, she decides to make a bomb that will break through the rubble, so that they can get to Sam and Barbie. After they are successful, Barbie explains to Julia what happened to Sam.

This episode was a complete disappointment. The same old story lines took place and led to no results. Is Lyle actually alive or what about Sam for that matter? Was the secret passageway a set up all along and did Sam and Lyle fake their death? Too many questions, not enough answers.

With several episodes left, this season needs a major spark that can save it. There are plenty of questions that need to be answered soon. More needs to be discovered about the dome and its purpose in the near future. Unfortunately for now, it is the same old song and dance that leads to nowhere.