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Under the Dome Episode Commentary: "Revelations"

Under The Dome Episode Commentary: "Revelations"
Under The Dome Episode Commentary: "Revelations"

There were plenty of surprises in this episode of “Under the Dome” and the title “Revelations” says it all. We finally find out that the girl who does not remember her name, is actually Melanie Cross. We discover what Rebecca’s purpose of the census was and Angie’s killer is finally revealed. The bottom line is that several questions regarding what has occurred with several characters have been answered, and more importantly there are more secrets about the dome that we discovered as well.

“Revelations” had a lot going on, but for the most part this episode lacks intensity. Rebecca’s intentions to spread a swine flu throughout Chester’s Mill and involve Big Jim turned out to be a dud of a story line and a complete waste of time. Now that we discovered that several characters have their secrets, the anticipation seems to be getting repetitive and boring. Hopefully the plot will thicken and the story-lines will come together more quickly as we uncover more secrets about the Dome and its purpose.

It seems that this season has focused on the characters and their back-stories so far, as opposed to the Dome itself. Although back-stories can be intriguing at times, the core of what makes this show flow seems to be missing throughout this episode. “Revelations” was one of the weakest episodes of this season thus far. While the town of Chester’s Mill is still in shambles with no contact of the outside world, the only excitement is how new revelations in each episode are uncovered, and this one was not different.

It should be interesting to see reactions from Julia when she discovers Sam’s secret and how Barbie will react when he finds out she is in potential danger. There are plenty of other situations that we can look forward to as this season moves forward. However this episode was lack luster and tough to watch.

Overall, “Revelations” was a slow-paced episode with a few shocking moments here and there. While life under a dome seems like the end of the world, the pace better pick up soon, if we want to feel optimistic of the excitement and anticipation we felt in previous episodes.