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Under The Dome Episode Commentary: "Going Home"


This episode of Under The Dome was absolutely strange. It was reminiscent of an episode of “Lost."

Under The Dome

Characters we think are dead are still alive and the audience is taken to another town besides Chester’s Mill. Besides headed to a different town with no explanation of how, the audience continues to get suckered into useless information about the Dome. “Going Home” explored Zenith, which are the home town of Barbie and Melanie. The good part about this episode was that there were several questions that were answered. Sam and Lyle are both alive, Junior’s mother resides there and the bottom of the cave is a way out of the dome and into Zenith.

The point of interest that took place in this episode is that you got to meet Barbie’s father, who is a big wig government official who could lead his son back to the dome. We do explore several elements of Barbie’s past however. One includes the relationship he had with his mom; the other is that he was part of a gang that was up to no good. This episode stood out from the rest this season though because it took place in a different location besides the Dome.

The bad part about this episode is that the direction it looks to take its viewers is uncertain. Like "Lost," now the audience explores story lines of the characters that have an added realm to them. The end result unfortunately still leaves us with no answers. For example why does Junior’s mother work in a mental institution, why hasn’t anyone found out that she faked her death and what has happened to Lyle on his way down to Zenith that put him seems in a manic state?

So far this season- and in this episode, the characters and audience for that matter are headed in circles and end up in the same place they have started.Back in Chester’s Mill Julia grieves for Barbie and wants to keep his suspected death a secret. Meanwhile Big Jim finds out eventually. Joe, Norrie, Melanie Julia and Rebecca decide to head back to the cave and discover that the town of Zenith actually exists beneath the darkness where Barbie fell. Now that we have the town of Zenith to look forward to, there are more questions that remain about the Dome.

What does it want us to know, and how does Barbie get back? We shall wait and see.“Going Home” definitely took a page out of the “Lost” series. This is an absolute disappointment, because now we are forced to focus on two towns instead of one. Chester’s Mill is what the show’s main focus should be about. Hopefully there are no more fashbacks, white polar bears and time travel. Hopefully “Under The Dome” will get to the meat and potatoes of the Dome itself- and the story will go back to normal.