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Under The Dome Episode Commentary: "Force Majeure"

"Force Majuere"
"Force Majuere"

If there's one thing we learned about “Under The Dome," it's that there is always a new mystery taking place- as each character has their own backstory. Before Chester's Mill was covered by a mysterious dome, there were people who lived normal lives, and there were others who had a troubled past, whether it be drug smuggling, or murder. The bottom line is that the characters and the Dome seem to be related. We just don't know how yet.

Big Jim still has a change of heart and continues to lead the town of Chester’s Mill. However when the town starts to rain blood there are a set of circumstances that come into question. Several characters face decisions that could impact the residents that still occupy Chester’s Mill. As a result the consequences facing could be extremely dire.

“Force Majeure” was full of surprises which could lead up some interesting details on Angie’s killer, why Junior’s mother is still alive, and how Lyle fits into this scenario. It is certain that there are plenty of questions that still need to be answered.

This episode had plenty going on, from the blood rain storm that seemed to be acidic, to Lyly kidnapping Rebecca. What is interesting about this season thus far is how the three new characters, Rebecca, Sam and the girl who does not remember who she is, seem to be a threat to Chester’s Mill. They each appear to have secrets that could have serious repercussions in the future.

There were several character plots that were discovered which could make the remainder of this season intense. While the audience continues to figure out more of what the Dome is capable of and what its purpose is, they also discover how these new characters fit the unsolved puzzles and mysteries that the dome continues unleash. It should be a crazy ride of wild mysteries throughout. There are still many questions that need to be answered, will we find out who really killed Angie, what is Sam really up to, what is Rebecca, Lyle, and the Mysterious girls backstory? Only time will tell. For now, Chester's Mill is in a heap of trouble, as well as the people who are trapped inside.