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'Under the Dome': Eddie Cahill, Karla Crome join cast, show returns in June

Karla Crome to join cast of CBS' 'Under the Dome.'
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Jameson

According to a Hollywood Reporter story on Tuesday, CBS’ “Under the Dome” has added Eddie Cahill of “CSI: NY” and Karla Crome of “Misfits” to its cast.

Cahill will play Sam, the brother-in-law of Dean Norris’ Big Jim, while Crome will play Rebecca, a teacher who, in addition to being good looking, is also tough, smart, and athletic.

Sam is a loner and former EMT who is not afraid to mix it up with his intimidating brother-in-law and who gets close to Rachelle Lefevere’s Julia.

Under the Dome” is produced by Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, Neal Baer, and Brian K. Vaughan.

In addition to having written the novel upon which the series is based, King wrote the Season 2 premiere episode, which is slated to air on June 30.

A pair of fan favorite characters from Season 1 will be killed in the Season 2 premiere episode, THR reported.

In spite of the big reveal about who’s behind the dome’s existence in the season finale, Vaughan says the show will focus on the human drama instead.

“Even though we’ve introduced these people behind the dome, we don't want it to become a show about us versus aliens,” said Vaughan. “The dome is only there to pit us against each other and challenge our characters.”

Personal Take

Anything from the mind of Stephen King is worth a shot, though his novels have long ago stopped being classics.

King’s fingerprint was what was most attractive about “Under the Dome” in the first place. In spite of its poor acting and shallow characters, the show sucked in enough viewers to warrant another season.

If it weren’t for the strength of King’s story line and delightfully warped imagination, this viewer would have tuned out during the pilot episode.

Each episode was chalk full of unbelievable characters reacting in even more unbelievably ways. By season’s end, it was hard to stayed tuned, but even more difficult to leave without knowing who was behind the dome.

Now we’ve got two more characters joining “Under the Dome.”

Undoubtedly, they’ll be main characters that, for some reason, were nowhere to be found during the bizarre occurrences of Season 1.

Really? There’s only so far people can go under the dome, but we’re supposed to believe these new, strong characters were there all along.

Although it’s got many flaws, the minds behind “Under the Dome” have figured out a way to keep the show alive another season, which can’t be said for many other shows.

“Under the Dome” will return on June 30 on KUTV 2 in Provo.

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