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Under Pressure...April 14th-15th 2014 Eclipse

red moon
red moon

A reason to stay up past your bedtime April 14th/15th Full Lunar Eclipse. See details here:

There is an astronomy and there is the astrology of this event. Remember that powerful New Moon a few weeks ago? Well, everything initiated at that time "comes to a head" with the Full Moon AND because the New Moon was catalyzing and triggering the on-going Uranus-Pluto square it's all building the pressure for the next exact square on April 21st. You may want to refresh your memory...

How are you meeting this pressure? Are you shutting down? Are you in perpetual agitation, anxiety, anger, frustration? Can you find a sense of inner relaxation in an atmosphere of heightened emotion and chaos? These astrological configurations invite us to release tension, let go of trying to maintain the illusion of control. How can you relax more and allow yourself to move into something completely new? This Full Moon is highlighting where we are stuck. Do you have judgements of yourself for being stuck? Can you be more gentle with yourself instead of pushing yourself harder?

Look to 25 degrees of your chart to see how this Full Moon aligns with your personal astrology chart (the Sun is at 25 degrees Aries/the Moon 25 degrees Libra). The Moon is conjunct (joined) to dwarf planet Ceres and asteroid goddess Vesta. While the Sun is conjunct dwarf planet Eris and the asteroid goddess Juno. The fourth asteroid goddess, Athena trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon. A little feminine infusion anyone? The feminine archetype is so much more than mother and lover. She is the life and growth, wisdom and power, purity and fire, partnership and sovereignty, and the intensity of the dark goddess (Eris is the goddess of chaos and discord).

Change is the essence of life. Find a way to open up and welcome in much needed changes in yourself and the world.


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