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Under-employed in retail

One of the most interesting employment trends this year is the growth in the ranks of the under-employed.  These are people who have been forced to downsize their job in order to stay employed.  The Dallas Morning News printed an article Monday December 7th about the large number of unemployed professionals who have applied for retail jobs.  

Retail has replaced factory jobs as the entry level job for those who can barely get themselves through high school.  In 2009 however, professionals who never considered the low pay and terrible hours are flocking to retail because a job is a job.  Most will move on after the economy improves. Some might stay because they actually like retail. 

This all begs the question, when is a job considered under-employment and when is it a lower paying opportunity to start a new career?  Life sucks sometimes, but once in a while, life drops an unexpected plum.  Some of these underemployed souls might find salvation in retail.  Time will tell.

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