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Under $100 update: Cha Cha slide Out. Cha Cha handbags IN

Mini Lola Clutch: $70 (also available in gold)
Mini Lola Clutch: $70 (also available in gold)

 Lori Chalmers was laid off 3 years ago, before it was the "in" thing. She was already ahead of the economic downturn that has now become common place, and has continued to stay ahead of the game ever since.

This graphic designer had a passion for making handbags just for fun, and with some extra time on her hands (about 40 hours a week to be precise) Lori spun her hobby into a career. Creating versatile, cutting-edge designs without the huge designer price tag ranging from $85 to $500, the Cha Cha collection is made up of exquisite metallic clutches, retro hobos and effortless wristlets that can be dressed up from day to night.

Chalmers hones in the detail, lining each bag with organic canvas, and most times, cutting and tracing the leather herself.

The Cha Cha Lifestyle that can be followed if you visit the blog, all about our favorite fashion accessory, has already been adopted by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Audrina Patridge. A  select portion of the collection is made with salvaged leather. Celebrities and women alike, are appreciating the functionality of the cha cha line, while being environmentally trendy at the same time.

Visit to shop away and take a peek at some of the hottest Cha Cha clutches for under $100, below.

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