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Unconscious skydiver: Daring video captures friends saving man after head blow

An unconscious skydiver should be counting his lucky stars after the man’s daring friends quite literally saved him in midair from a skydiving accident this week. In a breathtaking video captured from the victim’s helmet camera, viewers can see the man’s fellow skydivers try to reach out to him in his knocked-out state, then finally help to rescue him before hitting the ground thousands of feet below. The Sun Sentinel reports this Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, that the incident has been called nothing less than a “miracle” by some experts in the field, and stands as a brave recovery to save a friend’s life after he suffered a blow to the head.

A skydiver falling through the sky
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The unconscious skydiver has had his identity released as James Lee. While the video may initially look like it came straight out of an action movie’s death-defying scene, this frightening incident was real as real could be. While participating in a group skydiving jump in the U.K.’s Wiltshire region this week, Lee’s daring leap into the sky went horribly wrong.

Only moments after leaving the plane, he was struck hard in the back of the head by another skydiver. The accidental blow was strong enough to completely knock him unconscious. In just seconds, Lee went from an exciting if daring experience into one that could very easily claim his life. He was soon tumbling towards the distant grow below, falling in a frenzy.

As captured on the video, the man’s friends and jumping partners soon realized that something had gone amiss. A pair of experienced men was able to travel close enough to Lee to roll him into a safe, stable position and then successfully deploy his wide parachute.

Fortunately, it appears that this unconscious skydiver made it to the landing site below just find, as did his companions. Lee offered in a statement afterward that he doesn’t really remember very much of the whole leap after the blow in the back of the head (which may be for the best).

And if he ever does want to recall the massive jump and daring rescue of his skydiving friends, all he does is need to watch the viral video that has already become a hit online.

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